My Portfolio

This site is custom-coded using Bootstrap & PHP. It's completely repsonsive and has a parallax effect. Using JavaScript, the site detects whether the browser can support Google's .webp image file, and if so implements it. Otherwise, it falls back to JPEG/PNG. The site is also optimized for page speed and uses Google's latest recommendations for compressed images.

In April 2018 I received a competitive Google scholarship for a full Udacity Front-End Development Nanodegree. While much of this is review for me, I'll be picking up React as a new skill from this course.

Live Love Media

A Local Real Estate Agency.

For this site, I created a 100% custom WordPress Theme, including a cusotm blog and blog features based on an artist's Photoshop files. I also customized "The Events Calendar" plugin, implemented customized JavaScript for efficient delivery of several contact forms, and wrote a few custom PHP functions.

I use Gimp daily and know how to use Photoshop. I'm used to receiving Photoshop files from a designer to re-create on the web with pixel perfection. I'm also excellent with Python and Django.

Pat's Hair Styling

The best cuts from an Italian barber with over 40 years of experience.

This is a simple site that I custom-coded using the Bootstrap framework. It's completely repsonsive.

I've been working on remote teams for the past several years and have experience using programs like Slack, Asana, and Trello. I'm an excellent communicator. I also have an efficient workflow, utilizing tools like Git, Grunt, and local server testing.

Sweet Fields

An organic farm and sustainabiltiy center serving the suburbs of Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, Sweet Fields is no longer functioning. However, I saved a copy of the site I made for them here. This project included a custom WordPress theme from scratch, a custom plugin from scratch to personalize the login process, and a modification/customization of the CiviCRM plugin.