Djangocon 2016 Slides from Presenters

Readability Counts


It is Darkest Before Dawn


Code of Conduct


Architecturing with Channels


Andrew also released a few links to GitHub:

Just Enough Typography

@jonitrythall She also posted a link to tips:

Dashboards & D3

@? is GitHub is the actual app

Frog and Toad Learn About Django Security


Oops I Committed my Secret Key


Building JSON ApPIs with Django/Pinax


Supporting Virtual Reality Game Development


Git in Control


I didn't know Querysets Could Do that


This Old Pony


Djgango and React: Perfect Together


Using NLP & Django to Build a Movie...


SSL All the Things


High Availability Django


Graphene: A new look into APIs


Django Development With Docker Compose and Machine


The Fraud Police are Coming

@CaptnPollyanna and @babefromtoyland

Websockets: An Intro to Messaging




Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community


Django for Internet of Things


Confident Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django


Walking Down the A11y Road - Lessons Learned from Working on Accessibility of a Django Project